Street Art: Bogota’s Cultural Renaissance

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Bogota Street Art

Bogota has come a long way through a turbulent history. Still often ranked toward the bottom in terms of livability and called one of the ugliest capitals around, street artists are joining a new cultural and artistic renaissance. Changes to the law in the past year or so have led to a more relaxed attitude about graffiti, and given street artists some legitimacy. Bogota street art was evident every time we took a walk. The art is as diverse as the artists themselves, from whimsical animals to strong socio-political messages. The photos in the gallery above are from a number of different neighborhoods, from the historic La Candelaria area, to near the University of Los Andes to some of our favorite pieces along Calle 26 heading west. There’s a website dedicated to Bogota Street Art with links to some great collections. Though we didn’t have a chance to check it out, there’s even a Bogota street art tour. The tour starts at 10am on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at the Parque de los Periodistas. More info available on their website.  Click on any of the images to open our Bogota Street Art slideshow.

For further reading, The Culture Trip has a detailed article on some of the current leaders in Bogota street art, with great photos.

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