Cape Cod Winter: An Out of “Season” Photo Gallery

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Cape Cod in the winter?!?

It’s always fun and interesting to see destinations from a different perspective.  Those of you who have visited Cape Cod know all too well the hustle and bustle of summers on the Cape.  Tamara grew up here and has seen the range of all the seasons many times.  For me, sure I’ve spent more time on the Cape than most, but I’ve spent most of my time here during Cape Cod winter.  There is a truly different vibe than in “season” when the temperatures are warmer and most people are here for just a short time.  There’s the great unending debate whether to take the only “highway,” a mostly 2 lane in each direction with median road that narrows to one lane each direction as you make your way further out, or whether Route 28 will be faster at a particular time of day.  In winter you don’t have to think about these sorts of questions, you only have to decide on which road you’d prefer to drive on because there won’t be any extra traffic or some out of state car that has no idea where they are going.  I could go on for much longer but….. I won’t.

This winter we’ve been fortunate enough to have a month to spend on the Cape and we’ve taken full advantage of the serenity that provides.  We’ve done a bit of dog and cat sitting too, of course at separate times.  Walks on the beach without anyone else in sight are truly cherished moments.  There has even been a fairly decent snow storm which dropped 15 inches of snow in about 48 hours.  Snow on the beach is such a novelty for me.  I hope you enjoy these photos from our Cape Cod winter, we’ve certainly enjoyed being able to take and share them.


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