Scary Flip Flops

Getting Sick: Rural Cambodia vs. Bangkok

Getting Sick on the Road For most of us, getting sick while traveling is pretty high on the list of fears.  It’s no fun to be ill no matter where…

Sunset Cruise

Don’t Skip: Kratie, Cambodia

Intro to Kratie, Cambodia Kratie may be the capital of the province of the same name, but it feels like a very small town. Set along the Mekong River in…

Young Monk at Pre Rup

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Pre Rup temple is located just south of the Eastern Reservoir within the Angkor Wat Archaeological Complex in Cambodia.  The temples are a symbol of the country and a source of pride for…

Cyclos in Yogyakarta

5 Fun Southeast Asian Taxis

From the simple cyclo to the most decked-out, sparkly tuk tuk, getting a ride in Southeast Asia is an adventure.  Having evolved from the need to navigate narrow streets quickly,…

I will get to school.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Starting off a new year, most of us at least think about resolutions.  Typically, we want to diet, get a new job, save money, manage stress. Facebook and social media…

Mekong River view from Kratie, Cambodia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This image was captured from a rooftop in Kratie, Cambodia. It says “Thankful” to me because of the representation of Earth, water, air and the fiery sky. It makes me feel thankful for our amazing, beautiful planet that we are lucky enough to call home. Please enjoy this photo and each and every blessed day.


Travel Budget Cambodia: Crunching Numbers

Cambodia’s recent history gives plenty of cause for sadness, but its people’s smiles are our dearest memory of the beautiful country. This breakdown of our expenses while visiting in November, 2011 is less skewed than some others because we did not redeem any points for flights or hotels during our time here. We traveled by boat, bicycle, tuk tuk, van and bus, and were able to get to a few less-visited spots. There are still many left to explore on a future visit. Posts on Cambodia can be viewed HERE. Our photo gallery from Cambodia is HERE.


Reflection: Cambodia

A photo essay of the beautiful places and people of Cambodia.


My Ever Changing Name

After traveling in Asia for the last 9 months I’ve come up with an observation. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who feels this way or if other…

Sunset : Labuanbajo, Indonesia

2011 Photo Roundup

South Korea Knowing less about South Korea than either Japan or China made for some wonderful surprises. A rich, colorful culture and curious, helpful people made our visit here one…