Holy men greet tourists at Pashupatinath Temple.

Guest Post: Volunteering in Nepal

Incorporating volunteering into your travels is a wonderful way to give back to local communities while gaining a richer understanding of local life and culture. There are many ways to…

Becaks, Yogyakarta

Don’t Skip: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Intro to Yogyakarta, Indoniesia Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta, or, locally, Jogja) was our last stop in Indonesia after a month of exploring in Bali, diving in the Gilis and Flores, relaxing in…

Sunset Cruise

Don’t Skip: Kratie, Cambodia

Intro to Kratie, Cambodia Kratie may be the capital of the province of the same name, but it feels like a very small town. Set along the Mekong River in…

Young Monk at Pre Rup

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Pre Rup temple is located just south of the Eastern Reservoir within the Angkor Wat Archaeological Complex in Cambodia.  The temples are a symbol of the country and a source of pride for…

Bangkok Fruit Market

5 Fun Fruits to Discover in Southeast Asia

After being “home” for roughly a year since our year of travel in Asia/Southeast Asia I’ve begun to really miss the ready availability of inexpensive exotic fruit.  I guess they…

Bicycle in Hoi An, Vietnam

Don’t Skip: Hoi An, Vietnam

Intro to Hoi An One of the best ways to get around Vietnam is their well-developed train system.  However, Don’t Skip: Hoi An just because is not on the tracks….

Arashiyama Bamboo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This image was taken in the Sagano bamboo forest in Arashiyama, west of Kyoto, Japan. The whole area has been known for its beautiful, natural setting since as early as…

View from Higashi Honganji

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  When thinking of the word “change,” (the cue for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge) the thought of something old next to something new came to mind.  Japan is a country…

Don’t Skip: Gyeongju, South Korea

Intro to Gyeongju Once the capital of the ancient Silla Kingdown, which ruled most of the Korean peninsula from the 7th to 9th century, Gyeongju maintains a concentration of temple…

Danba with tower

Don’t Skip: Danba, China

Intro to Danba, China Have you ever been to a destination that during the journey to get there you thought to yourself, “This better be worth it!”?  Well, Danba is…