Labuanbajo Sunset

Reflection: Indonesia

We used every day of our 30-day visa in Indonesia, and wish we’d had more. 17,000+ islands to explore, and we hit maybe seven!

Wat Pho

Reflection: Thailand

Photo highlights from our time in Thailand.

Buddhist Monastery in the Grasslands, Tagong

Reflection: China II

Check out some of our favorite shots from the second half of our time in China, Shenzhen to Tagong, July-August 2011.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Reflection: China

Photo highlights from the first half of our time in China: Beijing to Shanghai!

Street market, Seoul

Reflection: South Korea

Photo highlights from South Korea: June, 2011!

Reflection: Japan

Some of our favorite shots from our time in Japan, May 2011.

Photo Friday!

Can you guess where these photos were taken?  We’ve had some time to review and have a little fun with some of the 11,000 + photos that we took on…

Bikaner Camel

Camel Safari

Twenty miles or so out of Bikaner, in a small, dusty village on the edge of the Thar Desert, we met our two camels. A third was hitched up to…

Karni Mata

Don’t Skip: Bikaner, India

Desert Outpost Bikaner Firmly planted in western Rajasthan Bikaner has a distinctly different feel from the other Rajasthani cities we’ve visited thus far. It’s a big city, but one that…

Jodhpur Blues

Jodhpur has long been known as the “Blue City,” and the views from the top of its imposing fort prove this still to be true. Historically, it was only the high class,…