Bicycle in Hoi An, Vietnam

Don’t Skip: Hoi An, Vietnam

Intro to Hoi An One of the best ways to get around Vietnam is their well-developed train system.  However, Don’t Skip: Hoi An just because is not on the tracks….

5 Fun Southeast Asian Taxis

From the simple cyclo to the most decked-out, sparkly tuk tuk, getting a ride in Southeast Asia is an adventure.  Having evolved from the need to navigate narrow streets quickly,…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Vietnamese banh trang or rice paper wrappers are so delicate you can see through them. These images were captured near Ho Chi Minh City last year. These translucent discs made from water, rice and sometimes a bit of tapioca flour. They are dried in the sun over large woven bamboo racks. They are used to make delicacies such as spring and summer rolls.

Vietnam Travel Budget: From đồng to Dollars

From the Mekong Delta in the south to the mountains in the north, from the urban hubs of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to world-famous Halong Bay, Vietnam is a country of diversity. Go prepared to bargain and use your street smarts, especially in the cities. Keep and open mind, and don’t shy away from the chance to sit on a plastic mini stool and eat some amazing food or take a ride on a motorbike! Gorgeous landscapes will surround you, and a new adventure is around every corner.

Reflection: Vietnam

Our visual journey through Vietnam.

My Ever Changing Name

After traveling in Asia for the last 9 months I’ve come up with an observation. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who feels this way or if other…

2011 Photo Roundup

South Korea Knowing less about South Korea than either Japan or China made for some wonderful surprises. A rich, colorful culture and curious, helpful people made our visit here one…

Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay

Halong Bay is for many travelers the #1 must-see destination in Vietnam. With jagged limestone peaks that rise from the blue-green waters of Tonkin Bay and countless spiky rock islands…

Paddling Upstream

Sometimes travel is a struggle. Everyone suffers moments of discouragement and frustration, times when everything seems to be working against you. But it’s often these times that turn out to…

Time for Socks in Hue

With the exception of some chilly nights at high altitude on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau in Western Sichuan Province, we had been sweating since leaving South Korea at the end…