food for thought, gastronomic nomad

Food for Thought with Gastronomic Nomad

For most travelers, it doesn’t take long to realize that food is a great ice-breaker. Sharing a meal can break down boundaries, and open lines of communication even where language…

Eating Asia Food for Thought

Food for Thought with EatingAsia

Wherever we go, our journey somehow involves food. It’s more than sustenance, a way to keep our bodies moving, it’s part of the joy we get through travel.  As time…

Food for Thought with The Wandering Gourmand

Food connects us to our past, to those places we consider “home,” and to new destinations we discover through travel. Food can break down barriers we sometimes encounter while traveling,…

Spanish Sabores Food for Thought

Food for Thought with Spanish Sabores

No matter where you’re from, food and traditions revolving around it are an important part of identity. When we travel, experiencing local cuisine through sharing meals, dining out, or cooking…

Slightly Astray Food for Thought

Food for Thought with Slightly Astray

Most travelers, whether we agree with the label or not, are foodies. We are explorers and experimenters, open to new experiences.  Eating (and cooking) local cuisine, we gain insight into the…

Spilling The Bean Food For Thought

Food for Thought with Spilling the Beans

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are,” wrote Anthelme Brillat-Savarin back in the 1800s. This phrase lived on, uttered again by Chairman Kaga on Iron Chef….

Margherita Ragg Crowded Planet, Food For Thought

Food for Thought with The Crowded Planet

Through a country or region’s foods, we make meaningful connections that we might never otherwise. Whether it’s learning a new recipe or sharing a meal with new friends, food memories are…

Food for Thought

Food for Thought with Odd Years Travel

Some say that “To truly experience a culture, you must taste it.” While it’s not the only way to get to know a destination and the folks who live there,…

Wine Tasting Danube Food for Thought A Cook Not Mad

Food for Thought with A Cook Not Mad

Through our Food for Thought series, we hope to learn more about other travelers’ journeys, and the role food plays. A new installment is published each Friday for the duration of…

Surfing Sam Adams

For the Love of Beer: Visiting the Sam Adams Brewery

It’s hard to believe Sam Adams is only 30 years old! A visit to their brewery helps us learn they really live by their slogan- For The Love of Beer!…