View from Higashi Honganji

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  When thinking of the word “change,” (the cue for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge) the thought of something old next to something new came to mind.  Japan is a country…

Torch Lily

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Kniphofia uvaria, Red Hot Poker or Torch Lily depending on your mood.  These lovely flowers originate from Cape Province, South Africa.  This example resides on some family property in South…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path. –Khalil Gibran The…

Clown Fish

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Home is a place to feel cared for and protected. It’s a place to be nourished, more than just a physical refuge, it’s a private place to find peace and…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Spirobranchus giganteus, AKA Christmas Tree Worms, are an intriguing specimen among Earth’s creatures. These little guys are not  uncommon in tropical waters, but they certainly are unique! The tube-dwelling worms are found…


A to Z of the Wild Kingdom

How many of these creatures can you identify?  Below are 26 photos we’ve taken from our travels.  When you are ready to see the answer, hover over the photo and…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Trying to make the most of our weekend between working in Salt Lake City, UT and Grand Junction, Colorado we came peeling into Moab near dark on a Friday afternoon….


Quite An Honor

We are SO excited that a  photo we took on our most recent visit to Japan was chosen by the folks at Frommers to serve as back cover art for…

Temple statue in Khajuraho illuminated by a single square of reflected sunlight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Illumination has many interpretations, from the simple brightening with light, to a deeper spiritual or intellectual enlightenment.  In India, both of these concepts seemed to constantly be at play.  Major…

I will get to school.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Starting off a new year, most of us at least think about resolutions.  Typically, we want to diet, get a new job, save money, manage stress. Facebook and social media…