Reflection : UK

Better late than never. Photos from our lovely time with friends and family in the UK. Thanks all!

Reflection: India

The magical kaleidoscope that is India.

Reflection: Vietnam

Our visual journey through Vietnam.

Reflection: Cambodia

A photo essay of the beautiful places and people of Cambodia.

Reflection: Laos

One of our favorite stops! Laos is a truly amazing place. Check out some of our favorite shots from our too-short time there.

Labuanbajo Sunset

Reflection: Indonesia

We used every day of our 30-day visa in Indonesia, and wish we’d had more. 17,000+ islands to explore, and we hit maybe seven!

Wat Pho

Reflection: Thailand

Photo highlights from our time in Thailand.

Buddhist Monastery in the Grasslands, Tagong

Reflection: China II

Check out some of our favorite shots from the second half of our time in China, Shenzhen to Tagong, July-August 2011.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Reflection: China

Photo highlights from the first half of our time in China: Beijing to Shanghai!

Street market, Seoul

Reflection: South Korea

Photo highlights from South Korea: June, 2011!