Memorable Meal Moments

October: Raw Oyster

2014 Round-Up: A Year of Memorable Meals

  Our Year of Memorable Meals 2014 If an urgent need to buy new, bigger pants wasn’t enough of a clue, sorting through photos from the year was another clear indication that…

Bo Ne

Triple M: Houston-One Month Later

Houston, Texas has been our home for a month now.  We relocated here for work, and will be in town for about 7 weeks.  While work has taken the majority…


Triple M: Lamb Chop Mecca

For those of you who have visited New Zealand I think you will agreed with the title of this post.  Here in the US, on many a menu you will…


Triple M: The Bread Pudding that Ruined All Others

It is fitting for this to be the first post in our new series Memorable Meal Moments.  It’s one of the first examples that comes to mind for both of…

Rambutan at a street market in Bangkok.  40 baht per kilo or about 60 cents a pound.

Introducing our new series : Memorable Meal Moments

Those of you who have known me since I was a child will find this series a bit ironic.  I used to be one of the pickiest eaters on the…


Glorious Gourmet Grub

Photo essay on the surprising variety of delicious food we found in Scotland!