Travel Tips


Getting Stuck, round 2!

We are officially done with our preventative shots. WOO HOO!!! That makes a total of eight shots. We made a trip into Boston again, this time with Jim Close (aka….


Getting Stuck

So the date we both were not looking forward to finally came- The travel doctor visit at the immunization clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston! After a long talk…

Route Decisions

There are various schools of thought regarding buying tickets for a multi-destination or around-the-world,  trip.  With a “round-the-world” or similar fare with one of the major airline alliances (Oneworld, Skyteam…

Off we go.

This first (Round the World) is being embarked upon after over a year of thinking, researching, planning, and struggling with desired destinations vs. financially feasible routing. Only when we started…