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Kauai’s Chickens: Charming Mischief Makers

  Kauai’s chickens rule. They stop traffic in downtown Lihue and beg like squirrels in local parks. You can find them at the beach, in the forest, and crowing outside…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

For this week’s photo challenge I’ve decided to use an image that speaks to the “Changing Seasons of Life”. This photo includes myself, my father and grandfather. We three share the same name so there is a Sr, Jr and III represented here. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

These Reflections were captured at the Cloud Gate, AKA “The Bean,” in Chicago. This sculpture by Anish Kapoor is located downtown in Millennium Park. The one above reminds us of an angel. Enjoy!

El Capitán Revisited

Opened as a cattlemen’s hotel in 1930, with the railroad depot across the street, ranchers used to trade cattle in the lobby. The hotel was designed by the architect Henry Trost, and built by Charles Bassett, one of five hotels of the Gateway Hotel chain constructed in west Texas and eastern New Mexico to increase tourism within 200 miles of El Paso. In the early 70s, the hotel was converted to a bank. Vaults installed during that time are now used for bar storage in the dining room and as a small gift shop off the lobby

Triple M: The Bread Pudding that Ruined All Others

It is fitting for this to be the first post in our new series Memorable Meal Moments.  It’s one of the first examples that comes to mind for both of…

Philly Cheesesteak Challenge

It has been done hundreds of times by hundreds of people, but we finally took the opportunity to experience the Philly Cheesesteak battle for ourselves.  We are visiting Philadelphia for…

Origins of a Nomadic Lifestyle

How DO They Do That? How is it you’re in a different city every time I check? How do you seem to get so much time off? Are you on…

Historic Guthrie

This post visited the historic town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, the state’s first capital. With great examples of late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century architecture, a Victorian design sense and developed tourism without…

Reassimilation, American Style: Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock

Returning home after an extended trip abroad means putting down your backpack one last time and realizing you now have the option to unpack it. Suddenly everyone speaks your language….

Hartwell Cruisin’

Last week, we took a quick mini-road trip up to Hart County in Georgia. The Savannah River was dammed, forming Lake Hartwell, which is part of the border between South…