Introducing our new series : Memorable Meal Moments

Scorpions, Starfish and Seahorses oh my! A sample from the famous Beijing food street- Wangfujing.

Those of you who have known me since I was a child will find this series a bit ironic.  I used to be one of the pickiest eaters on the planet.  The list was short and bland: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza and white rice were the dinner time staples.  After breaking out of my eating cocoon, I have gone to the other extreme, I’m a Monarch Butterfly on a 3000-mile migration.

Traveling abroad forces you to try things you have never heard of. Some you will crave once you leave, while others will be better off left behind.  Either way, there is a memory created with the experience.  How would you ever have known how delicious rambutan is if you never went for it?  Is there something you’ve eaten that, once you experience it, becomes the new definition for all that dish should be?  Do you find yourself comparing certain foods back to that one “best?” We sure do!

Rambutan at a street market in Bangkok. 40 baht per kilo or about 60 cents a pound.

It is said that smell is the strongest of our senses with regards to recalling memories.  Remembering experiences by the foods you eat is logical because smell is so much of how we taste things.  Whether it’s a savory curry in India or your first whiff of the mighty durian in Bangkok smell can transport you back to that place.

This series of posts will be dedicated to what we refer to as “Memorable Meal Moments” both domestic and international.  I hope you all will share some of yours with us as well.

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