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Movember, aka November, started when 30 manly men in Melbourne, Australia decided they would grow their crumb catchers for the entire month of November.  The goal was to raise awareness for men’s health issues.  Last year the participation numbers were up to nearly 1.2 million people officially registered world-wide!

Our good friends Josh and Liz at Peanuts or Pretzels invited us to participate in this fun topic.  Check out Josh’s post about his Manly Bucket List and show some love.  And without further ado, please enjoy my version of my Manly Bucket List!


1 . Hunt deer using the ancient art of crinkling plastic bags and then sitting real still.  Don’t worry, deer weren’t injured during this “shoot.”


Miyajima Deer

2. Hike the length of the Great Wall of China.  Well, maybe just a portion of it!


The Great Wall

3. Canoe in an alligator infested river in Florida.  Infested might be an exaggeration but we did get close enough to one to give everyone a scare, alligator included.


Canoeing in Florida

4. Sell coconuts on the street in Ho Chi Minh City.  Ok, ok, I didn’t exactly sell coconuts but I did buy one and got to hold the rig as a bonus prize.


HCMC Coconut Seller Rig

5. Swim in the bottom of the tallest water fall in the world, Angel Falls.  This one is 100% true and that water is FREEZING!


Angel Falls Pool



Calling All Bloggers!

Since the goal of Movember is to raise awareness of the movement and of men’s health issues, I know the power of the blogging community can do just that.  So I’m asking any blogger that is interested to get involved by doing the following:

  • Choose five activities you’d like to do and create your own Manly Bucket List – they can be something you commit to do during Movember, or simply something you’d like to do before you kick the bucket. (Ladies, this is open to you too!)

  • Nominate five bloggers to create their own Manly Bucket List.

  • Include a link to Movember to encourage people to register or donate.

  • Tweet and share your posts with the hashtags #Movember and #ManlyMoments

Here are the five bloggers I nominate to create their own Manly Bucket List:

We look forward to checking out your posts everyone!



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