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Nambia Nomad RouteWe are leaving for a three week trek overland through Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and back to Cape Town.  We ran around yesterday getting last minute supplies (sleeping bag and roll mat, cutlery, plate and mug, etc.)  We had pretty much everything else we think we’ll need.  Not having planned ahead for a trip like this, we also had to pass by the local Amex office to get some more US dollars, since the kitty (money used to buy day to day items for the group, food, etc.) is required in dollars.  The Visa for US citizens visiting Zambia is $135, and needed in cash upon arrival as well!  We will fly from Capetown to Livingstone, Zambia, where we will meet up with a group that has already been traveling overland from Kenya.

Victoria Falls our first stop, so we’re definitely looking forward to that.  After that, we head to Botswana’s Chobe National Park and the Okvango Delta.  There should be lots of game sightings in these areas and in Namibia’s Etosha Park, where we’ll spend most of the second week. Etosha is home to all of the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino) and has a Cheetah Sanctuary nearby as well.  On the Skeleton Coast there is a stop-over at a Seal Colony.  Days 12-16 are spent in a hostel or B&B, which I’m sure will be welcome after a couple weeks camping in the bush.  The final days are between Namibia and South Africa, passing through Fish River Canyon, Hobas, and back down to Cape Town.

The outfit we found is called Absolute Africa, and we’re told they have a good reputation. (Hope so!)  It’s a participation safari, which means travelers pitch in to accomplish day-to-day tasks: preparing meals, making the fire, cleaning the truck, etc.  We’ll be tent camping most of the time, so pitching our tent will be on the list of chores as well. You can read a full description of the trip HERE.  We probably won’t have access to Internet, email or phone for a while, so watch for details as we can get them up!

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