NYC Street Art : Walk Around the Lower East Side

NYC Street Art

Artist: Nick Walker Location: 17th Street and 6th Ave, Flatiron District

We recently had the pleasure of a day off in old stomping grounds, New York City.  As we ambled aimlessly through the Lower East Side and Alphabet City, enjoying some snacks and adult beverages, we couldn’t help but snap some photos of some great NYC street art. Everything from stickers and wheatpaste pieces to full-building painted murals and legal walls, NYC street art runs the full spectrum. To brush up on some basic street art terminology, read this article on Mental Floss!

Where in the World to Find Great Street Art

As street art has become more mainstream, there are different methods to seeking it out. Some cities have designated street art areas, like the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Other cities, like Cartagena, Colombia, seem to have whole neighborhoods, like Getsemani, dedicated to street art. Philadelphia as a 2-mile self-guided walk of its impressive murals. It’s right downtown with explanatory info available via your cell phone. Believe it or not, it’s now as easy as a quick Google of “street art x-city” to put you on the right path to finding some major pieces. From there, the best advice is to just wander. NYC street art seems to be sprinkled liberally around in many different neighborhoods. Mulberry Street in Little Italy is home to The Lisa Project, another spot we’d like to check out soon.

NYC Street Art, Lower East Side

The lower east side was a great place to start, with a number of interesting pieces concentrated in a relatively small, very walk-able are. Just keep your eyes peeled, you never know when or where you might stumble upon some amazing NYC Street Art! For a head start on places to look, or to get some background on artists and techniques, Street Art NYC has a very informative blog on the topic!

Artist: Nina Pandolfo Location: Rivington St. between Bowey and Chrystie (across from Morgenstern's ice cream shop!)

Artist: Nina Pandolfo Location: Rivington St. between Bowey and Chrystie (across from Morgenstern’s ice cream shop!)

Enjoy this gallery and let us know which piece speaks to you!

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