Outta Here (for now)

Twenty-one years after arriving as a Freshman at Columbia University, I have officially given up residence in New York City. Any season would have been tough, but I found it especially so in late spring/early summer. The calendars of upcoming events had been published. There were street fairs and festivals every weekend, theater and concerts in the parks, and restaurants set their tables out on the sidewalks.

We took full advantage during the time we had left, filling up on a different cuisine nightly (see some reviews on Yelp), and attending a number of events. There was Indian, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Turkish, BBQ (believe it or not, pretty good for the North) Thai, Chinese and, of course, Japanese. We saw lots of friends and said some temporary good-byes. Hopefully there will be lots of opportunities to make new memories in the future.

In the meantime, we are on Cape Cod for the summer. My sister just had a new baby, and we’ve been having a great time helping out and entertaining big brother.

There are some extended travel plans in the works for after summer, so stay tuned!

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Tamara and Donny have wandered together since 2004, with no cure for their insatiable wanderlust. They write about discovering new destinations including beautiful photography, plus budget travel tips and how to give back through travel.