March: Caribbean, Virgin Islands

Inside TurtlesTravel: 2013 Highlights

2013 was a year of replenishment and renewal. Having returned from a year-long, extended trip in 2012, it was time to build up some funds again. Short trips early in…


Surf and Blooms: Morning on Manhattan Beach

When we’re working, we usually end up at least once each year in Southern California. When we do, our go-to hotel is the Marriott TownePlace Suites in Hawthorne. It’s reasonably…

Franklin Mountain

Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas

Paso del Norte One doesn’t often associate El Paso, Texas with great natural beauty, but it’s there if you look for it. Tired of spending time in the city, we…

Animals Inside Out

Have you ever seen “Animals Inside Out?”

  The “Animals Inside Out Exhibit” Having visited the “Bodies” exhibit in Atlanta last year, when we saw that “Animals Inside Out” was currently in Dallas we figured it would…

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Retracing Dinosaur Tracks in Texas

Dinosaur tracks from several species have been found over the years in Dinosaur Valley State Park. The unique geological history of the area, and later preservation by the Paluxy River…

Twitter hashtags for travel

Twitter Hashtags for Travelers

Twitter chats are a way for people to share ideas and opinions on a theme in real time. Participating is simple. Just log in to your Twitter account and search…


Movember Inspired Manly Bucket List

  Movember, aka November, started when 30 manly men in Melbourne, Australia decided they would grow their crumb catchers for the entire month of November.  The goal was to raise…


Mirrored Reflections

Inspired by this weeks Friday Photos (#frifotos) theme “Mirror” we got to thinking about all the beautiful reflections we’ve seen on our travels.  From mountains in lakes to mirrored man-made…


How Do You Barbecue?

A Survey in Barbecue Barbecue, barbeque or BBQ, all pronounced the same [bahr-bi-kyoo], but in the food and eating world this topic has many definitions that can spark heated debate….

copper kettle diving machine

History of Diving Museum

Being avid SCUBA divers, the History of Diving Museum was a site not to be missed on our way down to Key West.  Founded by Drs. Joe and Sally Bauer,…