Chanel eating Korean food (1)

Food for Thought with Cultural Xplorer

Food is one of the ties that bind. Through a country or region’s foods, we make meaningful connections that we might never otherwise. Sharing a meal is a sure way…

Celebrating in Santa Marta

Smile! Dental Work in Colombia

Why Dental Work in Colombia? Admittedly, we have been known to neglect preventive care due to the high cost of health care in the US. Though we’re both covered by health…

The Face of the Arts

Street Art: Cincinnati

Street Art: Cincinnati By TurtlesTravel A collection of images from an afternoon spent wandering around Cincy aka. The Queen City, aka. Porkopolis.   What's Happening Down There? By TurtlesTravel The…

food for thought, gastronomic nomad

Food for Thought with Gastronomic Nomad

For most travelers, it doesn’t take long to realize that food is a great ice-breaker. Sharing a meal can break down boundaries, and open lines of communication even where language…

In Totumo

Get Dirty Taking a Bath: El Totumo Mud Volcano

Cartagena was still filled with unexplored corners. We’d already spent longer than planned, but the streets lined with bright-hued houses, flower-clad balconies, small cafes and shops had hypnotized us. We…

Eating Asia Food for Thought

Food for Thought with EatingAsia

Wherever we go, our journey somehow involves food. It’s more than sustenance, a way to keep our bodies moving, it’s part of the joy we get through travel.  As time…


Food for Thought with The Wandering Gourmand

Food connects us to our past, to those places we consider “home,” and to new destinations we discover through travel. Food can break down barriers we sometimes encounter while traveling,…

Spanish Sabores Food for Thought

Food for Thought with Spanish Sabores

No matter where you’re from, food and traditions revolving around it are an important part of identity. When we travel, experiencing local cuisine through sharing meals, dining out, or cooking…

Food for Thought

Food for Thought with The Red Headed Traveler

Food brings people together. When traveling, sharing a meal is often a great way to break the ice and get to know people. Even when language is a challenge, people really…

Galeston Pier

Travel Photo Roulette #83: Summer!

This summer’s start has been a hectic one! We’re currently on a six-month work contract that has us on a US Roadtrip, working at festivals and events across the country….