Montana Blow-Out

From Spokane to Idaho Falls, we had to pass through some seriously mountainous parts of Montana. Somewhere near Missoula (thank goodness!) we had a blow-out. Not to worry, we didn’t…


Chinook Pass

The way to the top of Chinook Pass (5,430 feet) is designated an All American Road. It was historically used as a trading route over the Cascade Mountains. On our…


Rumble on the River

For the last 41 years, Pasco, WA has hosted an annual event on the Columbia River featuring the world’s fastest race boats. Several classes of hydroplanes compete for the Atomic…


Larrabee State Park

This beautiful area is a bit over 100 miles north of Seattle, near Bellingham, WA. It includes 8,100 feet of saltwater shoreline, two freshwater lakes, tidelands and deep wooded forests…


New Hobby: Geocaching, Seattle Kick-Off

One of our USG reps is an avid hiker. She told us that the purpose of a recent hike was to recover a “geocache,” a hidden treasure somewhere on the…


Old Sac

Old Sac is a National Registered Landmark and 28-acre State Historic Park, on the river, in downtown Sacramento. It includes the museums, steam train excursions, the Delta Queen (which used…


Big Ol’ Trees

Moving inland from the coast, we followed the Russian River. There were sunbathers, kayaks, canoes and a host of other recreational activities for a sunny June afternoon. The river is…


Contrasting Coasts

Growing up on Cape Cod I have a certain idea of what the beach is supposed to look like. Sand stretches as far as you can see, flat except for…


Got Grapes?

We did a lot of initial research on the best way to get a feel for Napa Valley. There were bus tours, bike tours, shared shuttle vans, rented limos/SUVs, and…



The new Shamu show at Seaworld. We also caught the dolphin show. Check out some other photos