Memorial Day at the Zoo

Check out some photos from the world famous San Diego Zoo. Make sure you look at both pages.


Mount Lemmon

Sometimes there’s a good reason for the road less traveled being less traveled. While visiting Tucson, we decided to take the back way up to the top of Mount Lemmon,…

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is a project initiated by a Mr. Bass. The part of it most people have heard of it “The Man Project,” in which four men and four women…


Pima Air & Space Museum

Having heard mention of the famous airplane graveyard on the east side of Tucson, we were excited to finally have time to check it out. The dry, sunny weather makes…


Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Tucson has more museums than one might imagine. One of the more interesting outdoor examples is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The museum is located 15 miles west of Tucson via Gates…


Hueco Tanks

The Hueco Tanks State Historical Site lies about 30 miles northeast of El Paso. We had seen a preview of the general area when we arranged to go to the home…