Street Art: Berlin’s East Side Gallery

Street Art Berlin

“Diagonale Lösung des Problems” (Diagonal Solution to Problems) by Michail Serebrjakow. A raised thumb chained to a wrist . . . what does “Yes” mean when “No” is not an option?


The East Side Gallery should be on everyone’s to do list when visiting Berlin. The gallery is a section of the original Berlin Wall spanning nearly a mile on Mühlenstraße along the river Spree (the border at the time). Shortly after the Wall came down in 1989, 105 art pieces were commissioned and painted along this section. Since they were originally installed, there has been some erosion of the concrete as well as quite a bit of graffiti and random people signing the wall. While we ended up feeling like those two additions take something away from the art, the pieces are still amazing. Visiting early in the morning, or around sundown, you can avoid the big tour buses and groups crowding the most famous pieces. A walk taking in most of the pieces will take a couple of hours if you stop frequently to reflect. The Gallery is also easily explored by bike. Enjoy some of our favorites from the area.

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