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Roman relic from Bath

Immerse Yourself in Historic Bath

Confession: we almost skipped historic Bath, worried that the famous spa town might be too touristy. Popular for so long with fashionable society, we pictured the streets of Bath crowded…

Cartagena Doors

Cartagena Doors: Infinitely Photogenic

  To say we took a lot of photos in Cartagena is an understatement. The doors of Cartagena in particular continuously stopped us in our tracks, begging us to photograph…

Danba with tower

Don’t Skip: Danba, China

Intro to Danba, China Have you ever been to a destination that during the journey to get there you thought to yourself, “This better be worth it!”?  Well, Danba is…


El Capitán Revisited

Opened as a cattlemen’s hotel in 1930, with the railroad depot across the street, ranchers used to trade cattle in the lobby. The hotel was designed by the architect Henry Trost, and built by Charles Bassett, one of five hotels of the Gateway Hotel chain constructed in west Texas and eastern New Mexico to increase tourism within 200 miles of El Paso. In the early 70s, the hotel was converted to a bank. Vaults installed during that time are now used for bar storage in the dining room and as a small gift shop off the lobby


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This image was captured at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.  India was the first place I thought of when reading the Weekly Photo Challenge.  The architecture there is quite…

Karni Mata

Don’t Skip: Bikaner, India

Desert Outpost Bikaner Firmly planted in western Rajasthan Bikaner has a distinctly different feel from the other Rajasthani cities we’ve visited thus far. It’s a big city, but one that…

Red Fort, Agra

Avoiding Aggravation in Agra

Forewarned and a little nervous, we arrived in Agra by train after dark. Stories of scams, being overcharged and harassed abound: gem scams, fake marble souvenirs, aggressive vendors, unscrupulous drivers…


Ancient City Hoi An

Designated a World Cultural Heritage town, Hoi An thrived in the 16th and 17th centuries as an international trading port.  Chinese, Dutch, Japanese and Indian traders arrived, and in many…


Jogja On My Mind

No trip to Indonesia would be complete without a visit to the island of Java: not just to sample the coffee but to see how a true Indonesian city feels….



Leaving the city of Kyoto and heading north into the Japanese Alps for the city of Takayama was a much needed break from the fast pace of city life. Takayama…