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Celebrating in Santa Marta

Smile! Dental Work in Colombia

Why Dental Work in Colombia? Admittedly, we have been known to neglect preventive care due to the high cost of health care in the US. Though we’re both covered by health…

Galeston Pier

Travel Photo Roulette #83: Summer!

This summer’s start has been a hectic one! We’re currently on a six-month work contract that has us on a US Roadtrip, working at festivals and events across the country….


A Rewarding First-Half

USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice It’s been an eventful 2014 so far!  Big things have been happening here at TurtlesTravel, and we wanted to take a moment to share them with…

Villa de Leyva front yard

Villa de Leyva: Colonial Town in a High-Altitude Valley

The Road to Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva is tucked into the mountains a few hours’ drive north of Bogotá. Traffic was heavy getting out of the city on…

Geocaching jeep

Intro to Geocaching

Enjoy the outdoors? Hiking? Nature? A good puzzle or game of Hide-and-Seek? You might want to try your hand at Geocaching. We started in 2006 and have made it a…

Cotuit Parade

4th of July Celebrations in the US

4th of July, Independence Day In the US, the 4th of July is Independence Day, a day to celebrate freedom. It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on…


Jaipur: A New, Rosy Outlook in the Pink City

Rajasthan Arrival On the road leading to Jaipur we pass fields of bright yellow mustard. Bullock carts are replaced by camel carts. Some camels have intricate designs shaved into their…


Singapore, Lion City

Intro to Singapore After using every last day of our 30-day Indonesia visa, we moved on to Singapore. To make the most of SE Asia’s most modern and expensive city…


New Friends, Ancient Roads

We had the pleasure of our first couchsurfing experience with the Higashi family in Sakurai, about an hour south of Nara. For those not familiar with couchsurfing, it’s a program…


Garden City Okayama: Home of Momotaro, Peach Boy

It seems every Japanese city has a hometown hero, mascot or theme. You see it in decorations, in gifts for purchase, even in the food. The story of Momotaro, the…