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Celebrating in Santa Marta

Smile! Dental Work in Colombia

Why Dental Work in Colombia? Admittedly, we have been known to neglect preventive care due to the high cost of health care in the US. Though we’re both covered by health…

In Totumo

Get Dirty Taking a Bath: El Totumo Mud Volcano

Cartagena was still filled with unexplored corners. We’d already spent longer than planned, but the streets lined with bright-hued houses, flower-clad balconies, small cafes and shops had hypnotized us. We…

Scary Flip Flops

Getting Sick: Rural Cambodia vs. Bangkok

Getting Sick on the Road For most of us, getting sick while traveling is pretty high on the list of fears.  It’s no fun to be ill no matter where…


Getting Stuck, round 2!

We are officially done with our preventative shots. WOO HOO!!! That makes a total of eight shots. We made a trip into Boston again, this time with Jim Close (aka….


Getting Stuck

So the date we both were not looking forward to finally came- The travel doctor visit at the immunization clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston! After a long talk…