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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Trying to make the most of our weekend between working in Salt Lake City, UT and Grand Junction, Colorado we came peeling into Moab near dark on a Friday afternoon….


Tagong: Motorcycle Monks and the Yak-men

Intro to Tagong In this high-altitude land of snow-capped mountains and grassy plateaus, priorities revolve around what helps you to get by. Here, two of those things are spiritual beliefs…

Sun and Moon Pagoda

Guilin: Forest of Sweet Osmanthus

Guanxi Province is known for its stunning natural beauty: green rivers meandering by lofty, tree-covered hills and jagged, gray karst spires that reach into the sky. There’s a national forest,…


Jeju Island: Bali in Korea?

Jeju Island Not sure if we can agree with the title “Bali of Korea,” but Jeju is indeed a pretty island. Volcanic and subtropical, Jeju is filled with natural beauty…



Gyeongju is less than a couple of hours from Busan, but its atmosphere feels much further removed. There is more of a small-town feel, not rural, but a laid-back sort…


New Friends, Ancient Roads

We had the pleasure of our first couchsurfing experience with the Higashi family in Sakurai, about an hour south of Nara. For those not familiar with couchsurfing, it’s a program…


3 years 5 months and 14 days later, we returned

Been here before?  Well, yes.  Worth another visit?  Most definitely!!! We always look back fondly on our first visit to Joshua Tree National Park, so we took advantage of a…


Destination USA: Anacortes, Washington

Since our last update, we visited family on Cape Cod for our second week off during our year-long mobile marketing tour. As expected, it seemed to fly by, and before…


Vasquez Rocks!

Vasquez Rocks History As you drive the Antelope Valley Freeway from Santa Clarita Valley, north of LA the other-worldly Vasquez Rocks loom suddenly out of the landscape. The angles at…

Bald Eagle

Deception Pass State Park

Yeah for cancelled events! A surprise day off allowed us to sneak away and completely disconnect. We took advantage, and drove up toward our next event in Burlington, WA. From…