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Cartagena Doors

Cartagena Doors: Infinitely Photogenic

  To say we took a lot of photos in Cartagena is an understatement. The doors of Cartagena in particular continuously stopped us in our tracks, begging us to photograph…

Villa de Leyva front yard

Villa de Leyva: Colonial Town in a High-Altitude Valley

The Road to Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva is tucked into the mountains a few hours’ drive north of Bogotá. Traffic was heavy getting out of the city on…

Ollantaytambo Ruins

Don’t Skip: Ollantaytambo, Peru

Intro to Ollantaytambo The town of Ollantaytambo lies at the intersection of three valleys, at the western end of the Sacred Valley region in Peru. Traditionally, it was a place…

Spectacle Bridge Nagasaki

Don’t Skip: Nagasaki, Japan

Intro to Nagasaki Fishing village to busy port Modern visitors to Nagasaki may not realize there’s a lot more to the city’s history than its sad title as one of…


Nantucket in Winter

Nantucket Island has been the subject of countless books, legends, poems and song for hundreds of years. With its history as the center of the whaling industry in the northeast…

St. Kitts Scenic Church

Don’t Skip: St. Kitts

Intro to St. Kitts The little island of St. Christopher Columbus first spotted St. Kitts from afar in 1493, but it wasn’t colonized until the British arrived in 1623. It…

Legislature Building

Charlotte Amalie Historical Walk

Our walking tour is based on one we found in the tourist guide to St. Thomas they pass out when you arrive at the airport. It’s a good one! If…


Destination USA: Savannah

 Savannah Roadtrip What better way to celebrate a birthday than a roadtrip? Our destination? Savannah, GA. It was my first visit to this historic city, so we wanted to hit…


Don’t Skip: Bundi

Intro to Bundi The region in the northwest of India known as Rajasthan has long been a favorite base for cultural and historic exploration. Most popular routes include the three…


El Capitán Revisited

Opened as a cattlemen’s hotel in 1930, with the railroad depot across the street, ranchers used to trade cattle in the lobby. The hotel was designed by the architect Henry Trost, and built by Charles Bassett, one of five hotels of the Gateway Hotel chain constructed in west Texas and eastern New Mexico to increase tourism within 200 miles of El Paso. In the early 70s, the hotel was converted to a bank. Vaults installed during that time are now used for bar storage in the dining room and as a small gift shop off the lobby