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Vasa Replica

Legacy of the Swedish Warship Vasa

A Brief History of the Swedish Warship Vasa On the 10th of August 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa set off on her maiden voyage.  Never leaving Stockholm Harbor, she sank…

Villa de Leyva front yard

Villa de Leyva: Colonial Town in a High-Altitude Valley

The Road to Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva is tucked into the mountains a few hours’ drive north of Bogotá. Traffic was heavy getting out of the city on…

Animals Inside Out

Have you ever seen “Animals Inside Out?”

  The “Animals Inside Out Exhibit” Having visited the “Bodies” exhibit in Atlanta last year, when we saw that “Animals Inside Out” was currently in Dallas we figured it would…

The Bund at Night


Shanghai: A Great Place to Refuel After a month or so of wandering China, Shanghai was a wonderful place to rest up. It’s very much a modern city, with all…

King Muryeong

Daejeon and Gongju

The central area of Korea is rugged mountains interspersed with rice paddies and fields. We stayed in a larger city, known for being a center for science as well as…

Plaza de Armas

Cuzco: Heart of the Inca Empire

Cuzco History Heart of the ancient Inca empire, Cuzco is located in the heart of the Andes at about 11,000 feet.  We’d recently been in Puno, and this was a…


Chiclayo y El Señor de Sipán

Exploring Chiclayo Chiclayo is about three hours north of Trujillo in northwest Peru, not far from the coast. It was founded near the Northern Wari ruins, an important archaeological site….



After a couple of months in Caracas, Lima is a big change.  Things seem more relaxed here, and there is a noticeable tourist presence.  We are also back in Hostel…

View from Cerro Santa Lucia

Santiago Centro: Heart of Chile’s Capital

The architecture of Santiago is striking, and we enjoyed just strolling around the different neighborhoods, whether we knew what we were looking for or not. You can find everything from 19th…


Pima Air & Space Museum

Having heard mention of the famous airplane graveyard on the east side of Tucson, we were excited to finally have time to check it out. The dry, sunny weather makes…