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Tamara Wild Caving

Wild Caving in Inner Space Cavern

Wild Caving Wild caves are often largely unexplored. Unlike show caves, like the famous Carlsbad Caverns or the lesser-known Dixie Caverns, wild caves haven’t been developed to allow easy access…

Destination USA NASCAR

Destination USA: NASCAR

Since our work involves constant travel, we have had the unique opportunity to spend extended periods of time in different parts of the United States. Since that same work involves…

Franklin Mountain

Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas

Paso del Norte One doesn’t often associate El Paso, Texas with great natural beauty, but it’s there if you look for it. Tired of spending time in the city, we…

Animals Inside Out

Have you ever seen “Animals Inside Out?”

  The “Animals Inside Out Exhibit” Having visited the “Bodies” exhibit in Atlanta last year, when we saw that “Animals Inside Out” was currently in Dallas we figured it would…

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Retracing Dinosaur Tracks in Texas

Dinosaur tracks from several species have been found over the years in Dinosaur Valley State Park. The unique geological history of the area, and later preservation by the Paluxy River…

The Bishop's Palace

Galveston Island Day Trip

Galveston Island Located about an hour south of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston Island is a barrier island that has been hit hard by powerful hurricanes and storms.  In 1900, Galveston…

Bejeweled Armadillo

Destination USA: Offbeat Houston

Houston has plenty of attractions: visit the Johnson Space Center or the Museum District, catch an Astros Game, or shop at the largest mall in Texas. The annual Houston Livestock…


El Capitán Revisited

Opened as a cattlemen’s hotel in 1930, with the railroad depot across the street, ranchers used to trade cattle in the lobby. The hotel was designed by the architect Henry Trost, and built by Charles Bassett, one of five hotels of the Gateway Hotel chain constructed in west Texas and eastern New Mexico to increase tourism within 200 miles of El Paso. In the early 70s, the hotel was converted to a bank. Vaults installed during that time are now used for bar storage in the dining room and as a small gift shop off the lobby


Triple M: The Bread Pudding that Ruined All Others

It is fitting for this to be the first post in our new series Memorable Meal Moments.  It’s one of the first examples that comes to mind for both of…


El Capitán

On the drive from Houston to Phoenix, we had the opportunity to stay in a very cool historic hotel, El Capitán. It was designed by a well-know architect, Henry Trost…