The Winner of Travel Photo Roulette Round 64 Is . . .

When selecting the theme, “Dance” for this round of Travel Photo Roulette, we wanted to celebrate how the human body in motion has the power to both express and evoke emotion. We spent a lot of time looking at each photo entry from different perspectives, mulling over the stories and reacting to how each one made us feel. Thanks to all of you who participated! The decision-making process was by far the most difficult part of hosting Travel Photo Roulette Round 64. There were photos with touching stories, those with amazing color and technical detail, the more abstract that truly captured movement and motion, and some where the dancers’ emotion shone through. A special nod to Peanuts or Pretzels, whose photo featured themselves. Very cool, guys! Be sure to check out all of the entries for Photo Roulette 64 on the original post.

Before we get to the winner, we must mention our favorite runners up.


The morenada, a typical Andean dance from Bolivia.

The morenada, a typical Andean dance from Bolivia.

#5 Contributed by Nomad Biba

Nomad Biba’s shot could be a magazine cover! The colors are so gorgeous, with all the whites and blues of the costume, the sky and the church. Donny was particularly drawn to the strength and confidence in the expression of the performer in the foreground. Truly a beautiful shot. Bianca has many amazing photos on her site, so be sure to go and check them out!

#4 Contributed by Les Petits Pas de Juls

This image was so different. I loved the colors, and how it was really able to capture the wild motion without losing the dancer’s smile.

Dancing to "jarana" on the Main Square in Merida, Mexico.

Dancing to “jarana” on the Main Square in Merida, Mexico.



Travel Photo Roulette

Traditional dance during the Guelaguetza festival in Oaxaca, Mexico.

#8 Contributed by Globetrottergirls

I leaned strongly toward this image for several reasons. I think what I like most is the expression on the male dancer’s face. It seems so genuine. He is clearly performing, but he really seems to be enjoying the moment. The onlookers are local folks enjoying the show. The timing of this shot was perfect.

Travel Photo Roulette

Little ballerinas Yung and Hong “free-styling.”

The Winner of Travel Photo Roulette #64 is: Entry #3
Contributed by Keep Calm and Travel!

We kept going back to these two little ballerinas. As Kle mentions in her notes, the girls were expressing simple joy during a break from their lessons. We could almost hear their laughter as their hair is flying around and their hands are pumping. Just look at how far they are off the ground! Be sure to check in over at Keep Calm and Travel to see what the theme for Round 65 will be, and check the Twitter hashtag #PhotoRoulette to keep track of upcoming rounds.

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