Triple M: Lamb Chop Mecca

For those of you who have visited New Zealand I think you will agreed with the title of this post.  Here in the US, on many a menu you will find listed “New Zealand Lamb Chops.”  While often very good, you have to remember that they at bare minimum have made a 13hr flight from origin to the west coast.  Maybe they were sitting in first class?  More likely in a container stacked and frozen solid for the journey.

Both of us believe in eating local whenever possible so while we were in NZ we partook in as many local fare items as we could manage.  One evening in Wanaka stands out as particularly extraordinary.  As many do while in New Zealand, we had rented a camper van. We traveled the beautiful countryside in our Nissan Vanette, and made full use of the wonderful network of campgrounds.  Most campgrounds have a common kitchen for guests to use.  Lamb is pretty affordable from the grocery store, so why not cook your own?

Making use of the outdoor kitchen at our campground, we grilled the lamb chops to go along with our fresh green salad.  Accompanied by a local pinot noir, the fresh air and the views down to Lake Wanaka this Memorable Meal Moment has been burnt into the yummy section of my brain.

Here is a link to our post from Wanaka.

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