Twitter Hashtags for Travelers

Twitter hashtags for travel

Twitter chats are a way for people to share ideas and opinions on a theme in real time. Participating is simple. Just log in to your Twitter account and search for the Twitter hashtag (# followed by the chat name). Chats have one to several moderators/hosts who present questions on a predetermined theme.

Twitter Chat Etiquette

At the very beginning of a chat, people often introduce themselves and say hello. Questions are then tweeted approximately every 6 to 10 minutes. To check and see whether a question has been given, you can search for the hashtag plus Q1 and so on (ie “#rtwchat Q1”). To follow the whole stream, keep your search on the hashtag alone, or, alternatively, you can filter just the answers to the current question by searching the hashtag plus A1 or A2 or A3, etc.  To join in, just tweet your answer using A1, A2, etc. and don’t forget to include the chat’s hashtag on all of your Answers, RTs and Replies. It’s also nice to give an indication of the question in your answer if you have space. For example, if the question during #divechat is, “Q1. What’s your favorite dive destination?” You might answer, “A1 Favorite dive spot is Indonesia. #divechat”

We like to open another browser tab in order to keep refreshing interactions with our own Twitter handle. To do this, open another Twitter tab, and click on “Connect” in the upper left-hand corner of the Twitter page. By doing this you can interact with those responding directly to you more expediently and also keep track of new Followers. After the chat is over, some hosts post a round-up of highlights on their blog or website.’s summary of #travelpics is a great example of this.

Below is a round-up of our favorite travel-related chats on Twitter. All times are EST (UTC -5 hours) unless otherwise noted. If you know of any we missed, please let us know about them in the Comments section!


Travel Chats on Twitter


#eTrav – 1 pm; General travel chat on a theme; Founded by @theexplorateur.

#Foodiechats – 8 pm; Online & live social foodie community; Founded by @steveGOgreen.

#FNIchat – (Foodies Night In); 4:00 pm; All about food!  Founded by @CookingwCaitlin.

#GirlsTravel – 1 pm; Founded by @TravelGoGirl.

#travelindia – 12 pm, All things India. Founded by @poonamparihar.

#Travelpics – (@travelpicsCHAT) 3 pm; Share travel photos according to a weekly theme; Founded by @AntiTourist.



#CruiseChat – 2 pm; Dedicated to cruise travel. Hosted by @SimonTravels and @CruiseLineFans.

#NUTS – (Not so Usual Therapy Session), 3:30 pm; Founded by @MidlifeRoadTrip.

#TRLT – (The Road Less Traveled chat); 1pm ( 6pm UK). Hosted by @Sihpromatum @PointChaser and @TheTravelCamel.

#TL_chat (Travel+Leisure chat) ; 2pm. Travel trends, technology and destinations. Sponsored by Travel + Leisure Magazine (@TravlandLeisure).

#RTWChat – ‘Round the World Chat; Extended, round the world travel chat. 3:30 pm; Sponsored by BootsnAll (@BootsnAll).

#TTOT – (Travel Talk on Twitter) – 4:30 am and 4:30 pm (9:30 am and 9:30 pm GMT). One of the early travel hashtags. Used both for the chat and generally. Founded by @TravelDudes with many co-hosts.

#GoLikeAPro – 12 pm, Hosted by @NationalPro



#ATQA – (@ATQandA) Adventure Travel Q & A; 5 pm; A chat for “independent, adventurous travelers.” Hosted by @AmericanSahara.

#Expediachat – 1:30 pm; Sponsored by @Expedia

#RATW – Reality Abroad Talk Wednesday; 12 pm; Sharing “perspectives of those who know a community best – its residents and insiders.” Hosted by @RealityAbroad.

#TRAVEX – 5 pm; Discussion of travel related ideas, with educational touchpoints as well. Founded by @TravelSquire.

#FoodTravelChat– 8 pm; Chatting and sharing photos about food and travel.  Hosted by @FoodTravelist.




#JSETT (JetSet Extra Travel Talk) 1:30 pm; Different, travel-related theme weekly. @JETSETextra.

#PureWander 9 pm; Focuses on family travel. Hosted by Pure Wander Magazine (@Pure_Wander).

#TNI – (Traveler’s Night In); 3:30 pm. One of the trailblazers of Twitter travel chats. Hosted by @official_tni and co-hosts.

#WATC – 12 noon; Women’s Adventure Twitter Chat. Hosted and co-founded by @RunawayJuno.

#CultureTrav – 2:30pm; Joining travelers to talk about how we experience culture while traveling. Founded and hosted by @Nicolette_O and co-hosted by @JLipowski.




#FriFotos – All day. Travelers share photos based on a FriFoto theme. Founder/Host: @EpsteinTravels.

#hikerchat – (@hikerchat) noon; All things hikingcampingexploring. Co-hosted by @BackCountryTees and @TETONSports.

#JAchat – (Jetting Around Chat); 4 pm; Founded by @jettingaround.

#TravelSkills – noon; Hosted by @cjmcginnis & @johnnyjet.

Saturday – Seems to be a day off for traveling Tweeters!



#SBTC – (Sunday Brunch Travel Chat), noon; Hosted by @mappingmegan.

#SundaySocial – Hosted by @ABritSoutherner at 9pm.

#quirkychat – Hosted by @AnomalousLondon at 3pm.

Monthly/Bimonthly Chats

#SeeTheWorld – (@seetheworldchat) 3 pm first Wednesday of the month; Travel, food, lifestyle and culture of a new destination every week; Founder/host: @TheCultureur, Co-host:@RovingAltruist.

#BeachChat – Created “to bring together beach lovers and people who want to daydream about beaches” last Thursday of the month at 2:30 pm. Hosted by @IsabellesTravel.

#MexChat – (@MexChat_MX) Second Monday of the month at 1 pm.

#ParadiseChat  – Third Tuesday of the month at 2 pm. Sponsored by @MarriottResorts.

#Scotlandhour – Scottish tourism chat last Wed monthly 4 pm.

#TripItchat – Third Thursday of the month at 5pm.  Hosted by @LandLopers and others.  Sponored by @TripIt

#tourismchat – (@tourismchat) A bimonthly twitter chat focusing on social media in the tourism industry. 3pm.

#TWChats – (@ChatsTW ) Travel Weekly’s chat with members of the global travel industry. 3 pm.


Travel-Related Twitter Hashtags

The following Twitter hashtags can be used to share travel-related Tweets. These hashtags are geared toward different sub-groups of the travel world. For travel bloggers, many can be useful in drawing attention from a wider community. Note that #country and #city are also popular, as are tags for activities: #scuba #hiking #fishing.

Twitter hashtags

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