Underwater Photography: Bahamas

Stuart Cove SCUBA Dive

T descending.

Scuba diving is one of our absolute favorite things to do. The feeling we get while underwater is one of absolute peace and calm. There’s a whole other world below the waves that fascinates us. The colors and shapes are endlessly interesting, though hard to capture on film. Experts in underwater photography are truly talented folks. On our recent trip to the Bahamas, we had the opportunity for some diving and snorkeling in the Bahamas’ famous crystal blue waters. Visibility was excellent, and we wish (as always) we’d had more time and funds to do a whole lot more diving. While there, we tried to practice our underwater photography skills.

We shot all of the photos below with our Canon S95, with the compatible Canon WP-DC38 Waterproof Housing. We’ve had pretty good luck with these in the past, having used the same set-up with our previous Canon.  In my opinion it is easier to snap a decent shot while scuba diving rather than snorkeling because you don’t have to hold your breath and worry about making it back to the surface. On the other hand, the deeper you get, the less light is available for your shots. With good buoyancy skills, macro shots usually come out better than trying to take a wide view, often ending up with a field of cloudy blue. We’re still working on techniques for underwater photography, and would love to upgrade both our equipment and skills! PADI offers some good general tips on their site.

Do you have any special techniques for capturing great images above or below the water?  Please share your underwater photography tips with us in the comments. I’m sure everyone will enjoy hearing some ideas!

Small Fish

Snorkeling Rose Island

Donny snorkeling off Rose Island

Spotted Moray Eel

Spotted moray eel

School of Fish

Yellow Snapper

Yellow snapper near the surface

Coral Close-Up, Bahamas diving

Close-up of some soft coral

D3 Stuart Cove Diving

Donny diving among the reef fish, Bahamas

Lionfish spottend wile diving in the Bahamas

Lionfish trying to be subtle among the rocks


Lobsters hiding under a rock shelf

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