Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


View from Higashi Honganji

View from Higashi Honganji

When thinking of the word “change,” (the cue for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge) the thought of something old next to something new came to mind.  Japan is a country of ancient culture and tradition right alongside the cutting edge of modern society and technology.  This image was captured at Higashi Honganji Temple (dating back to 1602) in the ancient city of Kyoto.  You can see Kyoto Tower in the background, which was completed in 1964.  The iconic tower was built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, intended to be a symbol of Kyoto’s modernity. Today, nearby Kyoto Station is the new symbol of change. Some feel that its futuristic design, tall escalators and endless shopping are the last straw in spoiling the skyline and corrupting the image many hold in their minds of Kyoto the ancient, historic capital. Others see both sides of Kyoto: a vibrant, modern city with a rich cultural legacy.  The modern station of glass and steel surrounded by peaceful remnants of the old city, mossy temple grounds and places of spiritual reflection demonstrate the beauty of change and progress as both elements exist in harmony. It’s precisely this juxtaposition of ancient and modern that make Kyoto such an amazing place.

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