Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

IMG_0025 For this week’s photo challenge, I’ve decided to use this image that to me reflects the “Changing Seasons of Life.”   The photo includes myself, my father and my grandfather.  We three share the same name so we are Sr., Jr. and III.  While all of us share the same blood, we are in different seasons in our journey through life.  As in nature, whether we are ready or not a new season will begin and replace the last. Whatever season you’re in, it’s important to embrace and enjoy each moment of it.

Share a link to a multi-generational family photo in the comments below, or just share your thoughts on life’s changing seasons!

Links to more photos on this theme can be found HERE.

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A 30 something traveler with insatiable wanderlust. Veteran of 2 RTW trips now focusing on slow travel.