Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Home is a place to feel cared for and protected. It’s a place to be nourished, more than just a physical refuge, it’s a private place to find peace and purpose.  I imagine all of this represented by the clownfish and its home the anemone.  In this reciprocal relationship, each animal has a protected home space.  The clownfish, immune to the anemone’s stinging tentacles, feeds on small creatures that would harm his sea anemone “home.”  He keeps his home clean eating leftover bits of fish and algae. In return, the poisonous anemone provides protection for the clownfish from its predators. This symbiotic relationship provides a safe and happy home for these amazing creatures.   (An interesting side note: the sea anemone gets some of its nutrients from clownfish poop! Eeew! Don’t think that one through too far!)

The photo above was captured while on a liveaboard scuba trip on the Great Barrier Reef.  Here is a link to the post from that awesome adventure—-OPEN WATER.

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